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Guides for Businesses and Councils

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A range of publications to assist businesses and councils in planning for fire.

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July 2019
Identification of Street Hydrants for Firefighting Purposes
Guidelines to provide reference to Councils, water authorities, contractors, land developers and any other parties responsible for provision and maintenance of the identification components of street hydrants for firefighting purposes in Victoria.

Download the Guidelines (PDF 1.9MB)

Mar 2017
Riparian Land and Bushfire Risk - Resource document
Information about the behaviour of fire in riparian land to assist catchment management authorities.

Jun 2016
Guidelines for Operating Private Equipment at Fires (Edition 2)
Advice and information to help individuals operating private eqiupment at fires.

Aug 2015
Guidance for Beekeepers during the Fire Danger Period and Total Fire Ban Days
General advice as to what beekeepers can and can't do during declared Fire Danger Periods when fires in the open air are legally restricted and on days of Total Fire Ban.

August 2014
Grassland Curing Guide
A guide to estimating the level of grassland curing.

April 2014 (Updated version)
A guide to retrofit your home for better protection from a bushfire
Produced by CFA and the Building Commission to help you better prepare your home for a bushfire situation.

March 2014
Tyre storage guidelines
Guidelines for site operators about safe storage of tyres indoors and in the open air.

February 2014
A guide for business: developing a Bushfire Emergency Plan in Victoria
For organisations who have occupants residing, holidaying or working at their premises.

June 2013
Monitored Automatic Alarms Guidelines
A guide that assists building owners and managers to know their rights and responsibilities in relation to monitored automatic alarms in buildings.

October 2012
Fire Ecology Guide
A guide to environmentally sustainable bushfire management in rural Victoria.

May 2012
Caravan Park Fire Safety Guidelines
Guidelines for caravan park owners, operators and occupants.

Residential subdivision Water Supply Requirements Statement
Residential subdivision applications that require a road to be made are sent to CFA when they do not meet water supply requirements.

Requirements for Water Supplies and Access for Subdivisions in Residential 1 and 2 and Township Zones
Planning tool for permit applicants and municipalities outlining the fire safety requirements to cope with structure fires and assist with the design and approvals process for residential subdivisions.

Preferred Requirements: Water supplies and access for subdivisions in Rural Zones
Planning tool for permit applicants and municipalities outlining fire safety requirements performance levels, CFA preferred requirements and guidelines to assist with the design and approvals process for rural subdivisions.

Fire Orders
'In case of Fire' signage for the workplaces

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July 2005
Gas Safety Guidelines for Hospitality Industry
Factsheets for businesses using portable gas heaters in public places.

Roadside Fire Management brochure
General information on roadside fire management with a simple explaination of key fire science.

Class A Foam, Wetting Agent and your property
Information for property owners about firefighting chemicals CFA may need to use during a fire.

Roadside Fire Management Guidelines
Will assist land and resource managers, Councils, transport authorities, service providers and fire services to provide balanced and effective fire management on roadsides to meet community needs.

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