Sustainable Fire Management

CFA has programs and publications to assist people working in the rural landscape to make bushfire planning and operations as environmentally sustainable as possible

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What is sustainable fire management?

Sustainable fire management meets community safety objectives for protecting life and property while:

  • avoiding or, if that is not possible or practical, minimising harm to the environment, including the quality of air, land, water, and biodiversity
  • maintaining or improving biodiversity (through regime management) where practical
  • using regime management to reduce the occurence and intensity of bushfire across the landscape
  • meeting legal and policy obligations for environmental care.

Information on sustainable fire management is available in the guide below.


cover of fire ecology guideThis Fire Ecology Guide has been established by CFA to assist those working in the rural landscape to make bushfire planning and operations as (environmentally) sustainable as possible.


Fire-Scape program - balancing fire safety with fire ecology

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Fires are a natural part of the Australian landscape. In Victoria they can be devastating; however appropriate fire regimes are necessary for many native plants and animals to survive. Fire-Scape is one CFA response to finding a balance between fire safety and fire ecology.

Fire-Scape is a CFA initiative that allows community and other land managers to work together across a local community 'Fire Landscape'. The benefits include a better protection for life and property and the environment. The program includes materials, workshops and community fire management planning.

Fire-Scape information flyer (PDF 449.6KB)



More Information

If you would like further information on our sustainable fire management programs contact your local CFA vegetation management officer at your nearest CFA office.



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