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Audio versions of fire safety information for people who need or prefer their information in this format are available below.

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You can also find publications in other languages.

Fire safety messages in other languages

Audio versions are also available in other languages.

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April 2017
Home Fire Safety

Everything you need to know about Home Fire Safety

November 2018
Your Guide to Survival

A variety of quick guide information to help you plan and prepare for summer fire season.

November 2018
Can I Can't I
Explains fire restrictions for Total Fire Ban days and during the Fire Danger Period.

An introduction to Can I Can't I


Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I have a barbeque, light a campfire or light a fire for warmth or comfort. (MP3 1.2mb)
  2. Can I set up and light a fire to operate a barbecue, cooker or hot plate at outdoor functions? (MP3 986kb)
  3. Can I have a spit style rotisserie fired by heat beads, wood or other solid fuel? (MP3 719kb)
  4. Can I use a gas-powered wildlife scaring gun? (MP3 194kb)
  5. Can I light a fire in the open air for burning off grass, stubble, weeds, undergrowth or other vegetation? (MP3 686kb)
  6. Can I drive a vehicle in places where the vehicle will be in contact with crops, grass, stubble,weeds, undergrowth or other vegetation? (MP3 471kb)
  7. Can I use a chainsaw, plant or grass trimmer or lawn mower? (MP3 844kb)
  8. Can I carry out activities including: welding, grinding, charring, soldering or gas cutting, relocating bee, extracting honey, rail maintenance, heating bitumen? (MP3 781kb)
  9. Can I use an incinerator? (MP3 770kb)
  10. Can I use self-propelled farm machinery, tractors, slashers, earth-moving, excavating or roadmaking machines propelled by a heat engine within 9 metres of any crops, grass, undergrowth or other vegetation? (MP3 753kb)

More Information (MP3 987kb)

Closing Announcement (MP3 418kb)

Download An introduction to Can I Can't I (MP3 794kb)

Visit the Can I Can't I page

October 2010
Fire Danger Ratings
Understand how the Fire Danger Rating Scale will alert you to danger so you can take action.

Audio version

Download MP3 - 3mb

Visit the About Fire Danger Ratings page


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Fire safety messages

Warnings and information
Listen or download (MP3 865K) download transcript (Word Doc 32k)
Total fire bans
Listen or download (MP3 723K) download transcript (Word Doc 32k)
Fire danger ratings
Listen or download (MP3 882K) download transcript (Word Doc 32k)
Free CFA session for your club or group
Listen or download (MP3 867K)  download transcript (Word Doc 32k)

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