Child Safety @ CFA

CFA is committed to being a child safe organisation.

Our organisation interacts with children and young people in many different ways and we want to ensure that we are keeping them safe whether we are out in the community or back at the brigade. Being child safe doesn’t just happen though, as an organisation CFA is implementing the Child Safe Standards to ensure we are providing a safe, supportive and positive environment for all children and young people in everything we do.

The Child Safe Standards are legislated by the Victorian government and CFA is required to comply with them. They provide guidance about how to keep kids safe through seven standards:

  1. Strong governance and leadership that embeds a culture of child safety
  2. A clear and documented commitment to child safety
  3. A code of conduct outlining appropriate behaviour around children
  4. Human resource processes to make sure new staff and members are appropriate people to work with children
  5. A responding and reporting process for child safety concerns that all staff and members (including children!) are aware of
  6. Risk management and mitigation strategies for child related risk
  7. Empowering children and young people to know their rights and responsibilities and how to report concerns or incidents

Each of these standards will be implemented at CFA with three particularly vulnerable groups in mind:

  1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  2. Children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  3. Children with disabilities

The Child Safe Standards aim to create an organisational culture of safety, which means CFA is committed to having a culture where all our members feel safe, valued and respected. It means all our members feel like they are valued and respected, it means they know they can speak up and it means they know they will be taken seriously. Safety is one of CFA’s values and we already have a number of ways we act to keep our people safe, CFA is committed to making sure this focus on safety includes our children and young people as well.

To be a child safe organisation all our members, paid and volunteer, have a role to play. CFA as an organisation is committed to educating and empowering our staff and members to be able to recognise child safety issues and know how to report them and who to report to. Every child in this organisation and every child CFA contacts through our community-based programs has a right to be heard and protected at CFA and every member, paid and volunteer, has a responsibility to report concerns about child safety. If you have a child safety concern, you can use this form to make a report.

Further information about Child Safety at CFA can be found by emailing


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