National Emergency Medal

The National Emergency Medal recognises service to others during nationally-significant emergencies.


The 2009 Victorian Bushfires have been declared a nationally-significant emergency and members of CFA who rendered service during the specified dates of these fires will be eligible for the National Emergency Medal.



The National Emergency Medal may be awarded to CFA members who rendered sustained service during specified dates in response to the nationally-significant emergency. The Medal may also be awarded to those members who rendered significant service in response to these fires, including those that did not satisfy the criteria for sustained service or the minimum duration.

Sustained Service

Service must be in the protection of lives and property, or in the service of interests, that are not their own, in direct response to the emergency, including support that enables or facilitates the emergency response;

  • the geographical area is the State of Victoria;
  • the qualifying period begins on the 28 January 2009 and ends on the 5 March 2009; and
  • the minimum duration of service that a person is required to have completed to qualify is:
    • paid service on 14 days, with at least two days in the period beginning on the 7 February and ending on the 14 February 2009
    • unpaid (volunteer) service on 7 days, with at least one day in the period beginning on the 7 February and ending on the 14 February 2009.

Days served do not need to be consecutive. In addition, travel time may be included and service may be a mixture of paid and unpaid.

The Sustained Service details required of each nominee in direct response to the nationally-significant emergency must be included in the following columns of the Sustained Service Schedule.


Include here the task person was given e.g. driver, firefighter, incident centre position etc and the occupation if relevant or if it helps identify the role.

Details of Service in Direct Response

Full details of the work and tasks undertaken including Location/s and date/s where service was rendered.

It is important that nominees meet the criteria for sustained service for these fires. The Honours Secretariat has reinforced the importance of maintaining adequate records of nominees in order that the Chief Officer can certify the recommendations to the Governor-General.

Significant Service

A member may be considered for significant service when it appears that they do not satisfy the criteria of service for Sustained Service and/or the minimum duration of service.

A written statement and full details including copies of any personal or official supporting documentation, witness statements, newspaper clippings etc. that relate directly to the nominee and the service must be provided with the Significant Service Nomination Form.

For a nomination to be considered on the grounds that the person has given significant service it must be shown that the following criteria has been met:

  • the service was part of the response efforts to the 2009 Victorian Bushfires
  • the service assisted with the protection of lives and property
  • the service was extraordinary




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