Our Strategy and Outcomes Framework

Strategic Plan - Photos of Volunteers

Our Community, Our CFA:
2020 and beyond


The CFA Strategy and Outcomes Framework 2020-30 (PDF 759.1KB) sets out a strong ten-year pathway for our organisation and makes clear our ongoing commitment to build and maintain a sustainable and effective volunteer-based, community-centred emergency service.

The Strategy was developed with our members and reinforces our focus on volunteerism and our strong commitment to the following four strategic goals: 
  1. We put the community at the centre of everything we do
  2. We deliver programs and services that make a positive difference
  3. We provide a great place to volunteer and work
  4. We are a progressive emergency service

Our Outcomes Framework is used to measure our progress against our strategic goals. We report quarterly on our progress against the metrics defined in the Outcomes Framework.

These reports are provided to the Fire Services Implementation Monitor (FSIM) and along with quarterly reports from Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) inform FSIM quarterly reports which are available publicly.

CFA seek to continue to mature and improve the Outcomes Framework each year, and in November 2022 the CFA Board endorsed the current CFA Year 3 CFA Outcomes Framework (PDF 297.9KB) for use in reporting from January 2023.

Legislative Requirements

Section 140 of the Firefighters' Presumptive Rights Compensation and Fire Services Legislation Amendment (Reform) Act 2019 (the Act) required CFA and FRV to each, by 1 August 2020, prepare and publish an outcomes framework setting out:

  1. outcomes-based fire services performance measures
  2. such other matters as are prescribed by the regulations.

Section 140 of the Act also requires the CFA Chief Officer and the Fire Rescue Commissioner to provide a quarterly update to the Implementation Monitor setting out performance against the measures in the Outcomes Framework.

Section 141 of the Act requires the Implementation Monitor to prepare a quarterly report setting out the agencies' quarterly updates, the supporting data relied on and any other information he or she considers relevant (including accuracy of supporting data). The Implementation Monitor must publish the quarterly report within 30 days of receiving the agency’s quarterly update.



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