Our Strategy

Strategic Plan - Photos of Volunteers

Our Community, Our CFA:
2020 and beyond


Following consultation with the volunteer and career workforce, the CFA Board has finalised its CFA Strategy and Outcomes Framework 2020-30 (PDF 759.1KB), Our Community, Our CFA (CFA Strategy).

The Strategy and Outcomes Framework sets out a strong pathway for our organisation for the next ten years and makes clear our ongoing commitment to build and maintain a sustainable and effective volunteer-based, community-centred emergency service.

This Strategy reinforces our renewed focus on volunteerism and, importantly, this Strategy includes our strong commitment to our four strategic goals.

  1. We put the community at the centre of everything we do
  2. We deliver programs and services that make a positive difference
  3. We provide a great place to volunteer and work
  4. We are a progressive emergency service

The CFA Strategy also incorporates the recently published CFA Outcomes Framework to support performance monitoring against the delivery of the CFA Strategy.




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