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Partnering with CFA

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CFA endeavours to partner with corporate and community entities that have similar values and aims when it comes to public safety and community involvement.

As we evolve to remain a modern and progressive emergency services organisation, our core values are at the heart of everything we do. They are practical behaviours that reflect how we operate:

  • We put Safety first
  • We Respect each other
  • We act with Integrity
  • We work Together as one
  • We are Adaptive and agile

CFA seeks to develop formal partnership and sponsorship arrangements with major corporate and community entities, focused on improving its community engagement and preparedness programs, as well as supporting volunteer development and funding community engagement resources.

What's the difference between a partnership and a sponsorship?


A commitment/agreement between CFA and one or more other parties to a mutually beneficial relationship and investment of resources to achieve shared and specified goals over an extended period.

These are often best viewed as a 'strategic alliance' where two or more organisations come together to achieve a common goal by sharing resources, knowledge and skills equally.


A commercial/contractual agreement in which a sponsor makes a contribution in money or in-kind (e.g. goods, services, promotions/communications) to support a person, group, product, service or activity in return for certain specified benefits (e.g. brand awareness, access to information, naming rights etc.). 

Our Framework

Our partnership and sponsorship framework consists of various levels with benefits at each level depending on the program, project or asset supported and the level of investment.

Partnerships and sponsorships developed within this framework are generally statewide for an agreed term and are managed by CFA headquarters. Regional or localised partnerships are also possible and these are managed by the relevant CFA region, district or brigade.

CFA has a Partnership and Sponsorship Framework - all partnership/sponsorship proposals will be reviewed and managed in accordance with this.

CFA will work with interested parties to develop a tailored and mutually beneficial partnership or sponsorship arrangement.

We have developed a form for those wishing to submit a proposal for a partnership or sponsorship with CFA.

Completed partnership/sponsorship proposal form (PDF 128K) should be emailed to partnerships@cfa.vic.gov.au

If you have any enquiries about engaging in a partnership or sponsorship with CFA please email us at partnerships@cfa.vic.gov.au

View a brief overview of our reach (pdf 535k)

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