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Our Easy English is an accessible format that uses images, everyday words and simple sentences to help readers understand the information. 

The following is a publication of Easy English which CFA has developed.

Your Guide to Survival (Aug 2014)


A shorter version of our Fire Ready Kit. This 'go to guide' informs you on information such as how to stay informed on fire risk days, why you should leave early, what information to gather ahead of fire season for you and your family, understand what to expect during a bushfire and guidance on how to stay informed of fires across your area.

Front page (454KB)
Book 1: Where are the bushfires? (2.4MB)
Book 2: Before the bushfire season (2.1MB)
Book 3: On a Fire Danger Day (3.3MB)
Book 4: In a bushfire (3.1MB)
Back page (569KB)

Read the book and complete the questions booklet below:
Questions for you (644KB)

For more information about our Easy English publications contact us.

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