Act and Regulations

The Country Fire Authority Act 1958 and other Acts related to CFA can be found on the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website. Search under 'Victorian Statute Book'.



Unlike most statutes enacted by the Victorian Parliament in recent years, the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 does not contain a section which spells out the purposes or the objectives of the Act. Rather, these must be determined by reference to particular sections of the Act, which spell out the powers, duties and responsibilities of CFA, the Chief Officer, other officers, municipal councils, etc. Of necessity, statutory interpretation and inference are important activities in working out what CFA can and must do, to fulfil its statutory charter.


Powers, Duties and Responsibilities

The following Sections of the Act appear to be the principal sources of direction as to the powers, duties and responsibilities of CFA and its personnel.


Section Section Summary of Power, Duty or Responsibility
14 Control of the prevention and suppression of fires
20 General duty of the Authority
20AA General powers of the Authority
20A Attendances unconnected with fire
27 Chief Officer to have control of all brigades
28 Powers and duties of Chief Officer
29 General powers and duties of Chief Officer
30 and 33(2) Powers of officers at fires
35 Authority to inform the Chief General Manager, Health Dept. on certain matters
36 Authority may require municipalities to provide hydrants
44 Duties of officers as to inspection, etc.
44A Power of Chief Officer to close roads
48 Power of Chief Officer to direct extinguishment
97 Authority as a protection agency
97A Authority may provide rescue and extrication services
97B Authority may provide road accident and rescue service
97C Authority may provide protection service
98 Power to investigate fires
In addition, the Act sets out a number of obligations. These are several of the more important provisions:
Section Summary of subject matter

General prohibition against lighting fires in the open
40 Total fire bans
41 Fire prevention notices
41F Issue of notices by Chief Officer
49 Obligations of saw millers


Other Statutes

It should be noted that some of the duties and responsibilities placed upon the CFA and its personnel derive from other statutes, for example, the following:

  • Building Act 1993
  • Liquor Control Act 1987
  • Caravan Parks and Mobile Dwelling Regulations 1993
  • Dangerous Goods Act 1985
  • Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations 2012
  • Fire Services Commissioner Act 2010
  • Emergency Management Act 1986


Volunteer Charter

The Volunteer Charter (PDF) is an agreed commitment by the State of Victoria, CFA and VFBV on behalf of CFA Volunteers to each other. It ensures the State of Victoria and CFA will commit to consultation with Volunteers about all matters which might reasonably be expected to affect Volunteers.



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