Home Fire Safety Communications Kit

On average, there are 3,000 house fires in Victoria each year. Most could be prevented by taking simple precautions.

Improving home fire safety can be done quickly and cost effectively by focusing on areas of greatest risk and taking action to reduce risk of known hazards.

In addition to addressing these known hazards, having working smoke alarms installed is *proven to improve the safety of occupants by providing a vital warning when a fire occurs.

There are a number of regulations and recommendations regarding they type, location and installation of smoke alarms as well as the rights and responsibilities of tenants and rental providers (real estate agents and landlords) that are important for everyone to be aware of.

Each year Victoria's fire services publish important information and tips to make it easier for people to understand the importance of home fire safety, particularly the importance of working smoke alarms and the importance of having multiple and interconnected smoke alarms installed.

How you can help

We want to make sure that all Victorians understand the importance of home fire safety and especially the importance of working smoke alarms in saving lives. To do this we need your help.

Having working smoke alarms installed in homes helps improve the safety of occupants. We know that people from certain demographics are more likely to die in a house fire, including:

  • Seniors and elderly people aged over 65
  • Young children aged under four
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Smokers
  • Males, particularly those aged over 45
  • People who live in the most socially and financially disadvantaged locations
  • People who live alone
  • People who had medications or alcohol in their blood.

*Source: Preventable residential fire fatalities in Australia July 2003 to June 2017

This is why we ask that you share these resources and materials with your community and networks and speak about this important information online or in-person using the key messages as a guide.

*When sharing these materials, please do not change any copy and only use materials for their stated purpose.

Please feel free to contact CFA with any questions you may have about sharing materials.

Social Media General Schedule - Overall Themes

Please note the timing of promotion of themes is subject to change, this schedule provides general timeline for theme promotion.

Month Messages / Theme
  • Change your clock, check your smoke alarm
  • Locations of smoke alarms
  • Kitchen Fire Safety
  • Heating your home safely
  • Interconnected Smoke Alarms
  • Working from home hazards
  • Home Fire Escape Plan 
  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • Heaters at night
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Living areas hazards - heaters mechanical faults / fireplaces.
  • Sleeping area hazards heating / electric blankets mechanical faults
  • Cooking unattended
  • Burns Awareness Month / Kitchen Fire Safety
  • Sleeping area hazards heating / electric blankets mechanical faults
  • Home fire escape plans / Get out and stay out 
  • Cooking unattended
  • General heating hazards
  • Fatalities from house fires - data
  • Cooking unattended
  • Season Review / Content based on seasonal trends
  • General heating hazards
  • Electrical equipment

In the table below you will find a range of home fire safety topics.

In each section you will find key messages, assets and copy relevant to the topic.



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