Emergency Call 000

You must dial triple zero (000) in an emergency if you require the Fire Brigade, Police or Ambulance. Triple Zero (000) calls are free.

What happens when I dial Triple Zero (000)?

The operator will ask you:

  • Where is your emergency? What is the location of the fire?
  • The street name and number and suburb? The nearest intersection?
  • What is the type of incident? Building fire, home fire, bush fire, car fire, etc.
  • How many people are involved?
  • Are there people in the house or car?
  • Is other assistance required? Ambulance or police.
  • What's your name, address and telephone number? Contact details in case we need to follow up with you later

If the incident has already been reported we will advise you and may not need as many details.

106 TTY emergency service

If you are deaf or have a speech or hearing impairment call 106.

106 Text Emergency Relay Service is provided as part of the National Relay Service and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Report Bushfire Arson

Ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 to report any suspicious behaviour.

Bushfire arson can have a devastating impact on the community and the environment.

It has the potential to seriously injure or kill people along with causing significant damage and destroying property, wildlife and livestock.

The maximum penalty for arson causing death in Victoria is 25 years imprisonment. The maximum penalty for intentionally or recklessly causing a bushfire is 15 years imprisonment.

How You Can Help - Before the Fire

Be observant in your local area.

Can you identify a person, or vehicle, you observed near the area where a bushfire occurred, or do you know of someone who has been lighting fires?

If you believe a person, or vehicle, is behaving in a suspicious manner write down the details. If you record the details straight away the more accurate they are likely to be, and the more helpful the information will be to Police.

For vehicles, record details such as the:

  • Registration
  • Make
  • Colour
  • Any damage to the vehicle

For individuals, record details such as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Height
  • Hair colour
  • Build
  • Facial hair
  • Clothing

If so, you can confidentially call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or file an online ‘Information Report’ via the Crime Stoppers website

How You Can Help - After the Fire

If a fire affects your neighbourhood, try to:

  • Note the description of any people who have entered or left the scene before the fire started.
  • Note the description of any vehicles entering or leaving the scene before the fire started
  • Note any activity in the area prior to the fire starting, such as camping, firewood collecting, bushwalkers etc
  • Remember the time and location where you first observed the fire.
  • Pass this information onto Police, or anonymously to CRIME STOPPERS via 1800 333 000.

If you see something, if you know something, say something - Call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000



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