Practical Bushfire Planning Workshop

Planning for bushfire can be tough, so why do it alone? Develop your fire plan step-by-step at one of CFA's bushfire planning workshops.

CFA vols reading leaving early pamphlet

During these small group sessions you will:

  • use local knowledge to prepare for a range of fire scenarios
  • receive practical, hands-on guidance from CFA to help you start, improve or review your plan
  • work alongside others and share ideas

Bushfire Planning Workshops run for between 2-3 hours. That might seem like a long session, but taking a bit of time now will help you to think clearly and make decisions when it really counts.

Remember - if you are caught in a bushfire it will be noisy, smoky, hot and extremely stressful. A well-thought-out plan can make all the difference.


Find or book a workshop


Alternatively, contact your CFA Region headquarters and ask for the Community Education Coordinator. They can advise you of upcoming meetings, workshops and/or events in your local area.


Community groups and clubs

Do you belong to a community group or club? Contact your CFA Region headquarters to arrange a tailored fire safety session for your members.


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