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Bushfire Protection Measures

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The purpose of this information is to provide a plain English explanation of the five bushfire protection measures that are referred to in CFA’s standard planning permit conditions. (Explanatory Documents published Aug 2014)

It is intended that this information will assist landowners in understanding likely requirements before the lodgement of a planning permit application; Councils in interpreting referral responses and conditions; and permit holders when they are implementing the conditions.

You can download the complete set of explanatory documents (PDF 2MB).

The glossary of terms should be a starting point to understand some of the terminology used.

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No Measure Brief overview More detail
1 Defendable space

Defendable space is an area of land around a building where vegetation (fuel) is modified and managed to reduce the effects of flame contact and radiant heat associated with a bushfire.

Explanatory document (PDF 620k)


2 Access

Access from the primary road network to the building needs to be provided and designed to enable occupants of the building safe access and exiting in the event of an emergency. Clear access to the water supply may also crucial in the event of a fire.

Explanatory document (PDF 740k)
3 Water supply

The provision of a dedicated water supply, with appropriate volume, access and markings will ensure that, in the event of a bushfire, a property is well equipped to defend against a bushfire if required.

Explanatory document (PDF 260k)


4 Construction standard

Building construction and design can be used to minimise the impact of ember attack and radiant heat on a building. Construction requirements for buildings are expressed as a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) as prescribed in AS3959 or NASH Standard.

Explanatory document (PDF 164k)


5 Residential subdivisions

Bushfire mitigation measures should be clearly identified at the subdivision stage.

Explanatory document (PDF 264k)



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