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Come along and play some fire safety flash games!

Fire Environments:

Wozza Wombat needs your help to go out in your tanker to
attend some fire emergencies. Spray water with the nozzle to put
out the fire!



Save the Building:

CFA received a call to help put out the fire in a building. You
have 90 seconds to get on the road. Navigate the firetruck
through the roads to get to the building fast!



Home Fire Escape Plan:

Be prepared when a fire breaks out in your home. Draw a
home fire escape plan for you and your family and stick it in a
handy place where everyone will see it.



Neville Numbat gets dressed for safety:

Neville wants to know what is the right type of clothing he
should wear to protect him from fire and heat. Dress him in
the different outfits and see if you can find the right match.



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