How to Apply

When applying for a position with CFA, the key to progressing in the selection process is the quality of your application.

Your application must demonstrate that you have the qualifications, experience, key attributes and skills required for the position.

Your application should include:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Supporting documents as requested in the advertisement

Understand the Job Requirements

Read the job description and understand all the tasks and responsibilities. The key selection criteria will clearly state the knowledge, skills and personal qualities needed to do the job. If you have any queries relating to the position, contact the person mentioned in the advertisement.

Cover Letter

A cover letter needs to clearly specify the position you are applying for and should include a few paragraphs outlining your interest in the positions and the link between your qualifications, experience and skills required for the position.


Your resume should include your personal information, education and work background in a clear and structured way. This will not only make it easier for the interview panel to identify and contact you, but also make it easier for the panel to see how your capabilities, personal qualities and background fit the job.

Addressing the Key Selection Criteria

Please refer to the advertisement specifications as to whether addressing the Key Selection Criteria is required as part of your application documentation.

If so, your response to the key selection criteria will enable the selection panel to review your experience, skills, qualifications and knowledge against the requirements of the position as outlined in the Position Description. Read extensive tips on how to address key selection criteria (PDF 155.2KB).

Submitting your Application

When you click the 'apply' button you will be taken to the online application form. Here you will be asked to provide personal and contact details and respond to employment-related questions. You will also be required to attach your resume, cover letter, response to the key selection criteria (if required) and other relevant documents you want to include to support your application. Receipts of all applications are confirmed via email. Please ensure you have applied by the closing date as specified in the advertisement as late applications will not be considered.



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