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CFA has produced a number of fact sheets students may find useful when undertaking research or project work.

The following fact sheets are available:

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday (pdf 188k) | Ash Wednesday text version (doc 49k)

Provides information on weather conditions on that day, where and how the bushfires started, number of lives lost and damage caused.

What CFA Does

What CFA Does (pdf 282k) | What CFA Does text version (doc 41k)

Explains how and when the Country Fire Authority (CFA) was formed, how CFA is structured and which organisations CFA works with.

Safety in the Home

Safety in the Home (pdf 277k) | (Safety in the Home text version - doc 39k)

Looks at the common causes of house fires, smoke alarms, how to make a home fire escape plan and help on what to do in a house fire.

CFA Firefighters

CFA Firefighters (pdf 200k) | CFA Firefighters text version (doc 34k)

Explains the jobs carried out by CFA firefighters, how firefighters are notified of fires, and the special clothing firefighters wear to do their jobs.

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