Information for Families Guide

The Information for Families guide is designed to welcome you, the family members and/or caregivers of new members, to the CFA community.

Volunteers play an extremely important role within CFA and we recognise that this would not be possible without the support, patience and encouragement of you, their families. Ensuring families are informed about what it means to be a part of CFA contributes to the health, safety, wellbeing and ultimately retention of CFA members.

This guide provides you with tailored information about what experiences and impacts volunteering with CFA may have on your CFA member and your family. It includes details on how to help your member or find help yourself if required.

We hope Information for Families includes resources that you will find useful during your time as part of the CFA community.

After you have read through Information for Families, we would appreciate if you took a few minutes to complete our feedback survey. The results will help us to continue to improve our resources so that the needs of our membership and their families are fulfilled.


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