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"I enjoy working in a team environment, learning from other people’s experiences and then actually being able to use what I’ve learnt on the scene."

Lei Xu
Keysborough Fire Brigade


Millions of Victorians rely on CFA volunteers to help protect their lives and property. Any day or night of the year, our volunteers drop what they are doing to help others in their community.

CFA volunteers do everything from fighting fires and road rescues to fundraising, marketing and community engagement.

We have over 1,200 brigades, but no two are the same. They are in small rural locations, regional towns and also in outer metropolitan suburbs receiving between one to over 1000 call outs in a year.

Volunteering options

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Find your nearest CFA brigade

To find your nearest CFA brigade, enter a town name or postcode below and select 'Find Brigades'.

You can also download a CFA Brigade location map - pdf

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Volunteer Charter

The Volunteer Charter (PDF) is an agreed commitment by the State of Victoria, CFA and VFBV on behalf of CFA Volunteers to each other. It ensures the State of Victoria and CFA will commit to consultation with Volunteers about all matters which might reasonably be expected to affect Volunteers.

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