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Training Services

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CFA and FEM provide a range of commercial training services. These include training for industrial, business and residential care clients. We also deliver nationally recognised training for fire equipment maintenance officers (Forms part of CPP07 Property Services Training package, Inspecting and Testing of Fire Fighting Equipment).

About Training Services

Fully qualified Officers from Fire Equipment Maintenance provide training to clients within two main areas:

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Training:

Community Safety Officers can deliver a tailor made course to your employees in fire extinguisher use, evacuation systems and emergency management. These courses are already delivered to a number of major companies throughout Victoria.

Fire Equipment Maintenance Accreditation

Accredited training courses are provided for volunteers and contractors performing FEM work on behalf of CFA to ensure the work carried out by them is of the very highest standard. The training is carried out by FEM Community Safety Officers, casual trainers and assessors. CFA conducts two training courses for FEM: Skills Acquisition and Skills Maintenance. These training courses are conducted for CFA brigades who perform the FEM function and are delivered by Community Safety Officers from Client Services in Ballarat, Melton, Morwell and Bendigo.

Skills Acquisition Course

The Skills Acquisition course is designed to provide necessary skills for CFA personnel with no previous experience in FEM, or for upgrading the skills of existing FEM personnel.

This is a national competency that gives candidates a qualification for the units that they complete. CFA provides eight units from CPP07 Property Services Training package, Inspecting and Testing of Fire Fighting Equipment.

CFA began delivering this course in 2001, and is the largest provider in Australia.

Skills Maintenance Course

The Skills Maintenance course has been delivered for over 25 years by Community Safety Officers to recognise the skills of existing FEM officers and conduct refresher training.

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Training

Community Safety Officers can provide your business with training in the following areas.

First Attack Firefighting Using Fire Extinguishers

This course is designed to teach staff members about what type of fire extinguisher should be used for each type of fire. Students will also learn how to correctly use a fire extinguisher that is found in your workplace.

Evacuation Preparedness

This course will teach students how to respond to emergencies in their own work environment. If appropriate it includes correct lifting techniques, fire alarm location, warden structure and many other areas.

FEM can also design a training course that suits the needs of your workplace. For further information or a no obligation quote please contact CFA:

Email: fem@cfa.vic.gov.au
Phone: 1300 36 36 61

CFA are committed to providing high quality, nationally accredited training, to both internal and external parties. However external training is delivered only when resourcing allows.   

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