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Other Types of Alarm Systems

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Local fire alarm systems

A local fire alarm system may sound an audible alarm at the site and the alarm is indicated on the local fire indicator panel (FIP), but the alarm is not connected to the fire services.

Domestic alarms

Two types of smoke alarm are available. These are either hard wired into the building (requirement for any new home built after 1 August 1997) or battery operated that can be purchased separately and installed by the owner or occupier in homes built before 1 August 1997. Their auditory signal is heard within the dwelling only. More information about domestic smoke alarms

Security monitored alarms

These are domestic alarms or fire alarm systems that are monitored by security companies. In all cases a signal is sent back to the security company, but any further action depends on the procedures agreed between the client and the security company. The fire services may not be automatically called.

Residential and domestic sprinkler systems

These are local sprinkler systems installed in residential homes or accommodation buildings not exceeding four storeys in height.

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