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Lesson 2 - Fire Science and the Fire Triangle

NOTE: This lesson may not be suitable for level 0-1 students.

Lesson Objectives:

For students to understand the fire triangle; the three things a fire needs to burn.


The Fire Triangle (developed for the Fired Up English resource)

Key messages:

Fire needs three things to burn:

  • Heat, which could be from lightning, the sun, or radiant heat from a heater
  • Fuel, which could include wood, paper, leaves, gas or petrol
  • Oxygen (air)

Fire is the chemical reaction that occurs when these three things are present and the conditions are right. Removing any one of these three things can cause the fire to go out.

For example:

  • If you add water, this takes away the heat and can cause the fire to go out.
  • If you smother the fire with a fire blanket, you take the oxygen away and can cause the fire to go out.
  • If you rake the leaves and grass away until there is only dirt, you remove the fuel and can cause the fire to go out.

Levels 2-4 teaching tools and activities: