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Presumptive Rights Compensation / Cancer Claims

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Career and volunteer firefighter that meet certain requirements can now access presumptive compensation for specified cancers contracted while serving as a firefighter.

If you are an eligible career firefighter or volunteer firefighter, you can now access presumptive compensation for specified cancers contracted whilst serving as a firefighter.

Presumptive compensation means that an eligible firefighter doesn't have to prove that firefighting is the cause of their cancer when they make a claim.

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Firefighters Assessment Panel

Career and Volunteer Firefighters who choose not to submit a claim under Presumptive Rights Legislation still retain the right to submit a claim for compensation, either through the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in the case of volunteers, or WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) in the case of career firefighter. These claims are managed through the Firefighters Assessment Panel.

The Firefighters Assessment Panel is managed by WorkSafe with the support of CFA and comprises expert medical, technical and claims specialists to ensure prompt, compassionate and fair assessments for all cancer related claims.

Firefighter cancer claims advisory service

WorkSafe and CFA have also established a toll free cancer related firefighter claims Advisory Service. Both career and volunteer firefighters can contact the Advisory Service on 1800 060 729 or by email at firefighterinfo@worksafe.vic.gov.au for career staff and at firefighterinfo@cfa.vic.gov.au for volunteers.

Firefighter cancer claims form

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