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CFA's revised Fired Up English is a fire safety resource for English as Additional Language (EAL) students. It is intended to be used by EAL teachers to support adult learning about fire safety and English.

There are 12 lessons altogether with resources for both 0-1 level English students and 2-4 level English students. CFA presenters or brigade members may be available to support some lesson content throughout the program.

The lessons do not need to be delivered in order, nor does every lesson need to be delivered. Each lesson plan includes a range of activities that complement the session topic and it is up to the teacher (or CFA presenter) to choose an activity that best suits the level of English and interests of each class.

Choose a topic and a lesson for your class:

Understanding CFA

Lesson 1 - Who is CFA?
Lesson 2 - Fire Science and the Fire Triangle

Home Fire Safety

Lesson 3 - Home Fire Dangers
Lesson 4 - Smoke Alarms
Lesson 5 - Escape Plans
Lesson 6 - Calling Triple Zero 000
Lesson 7 - Cooking Fires and Fire Blankets

Outdoor Fire Safety

Lesson 8 - BBQ Safety
Lesson 9 - Bushfires and Grassfires
Lesson 10 - Fire Danger Ratings
Lesson 11 - Total Fire Bans
Lesson 12 - Preparing your Property

EAL Teacher Professional Development videos

Understanding CFA

Home Fire Safety

Outdoor Fire Safety

Chisholm Institute provided subject matter expertise in relation to EAL teaching requirements, lesson content, lesson topics and activities.

CFA would like to thank Chisholm Institute and the EAL teachers who gave valuable feedback and suggestions during the development of the resource in 2018.

If you would like to provide feedback about the program content or want some advice please email the CFA Community Engagement Team - communityprograms@cfa.vic.gov.au

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