Career firefighting
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Career firefighting

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Meet our firefighters


Stacey Greenwood
Commenced her career in 2014

"The most rewarding part of the training has been the friendships and pushing myself to new limits."

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Leading Firefighter
Robart Mendoza
Commenced his career in 2005

"The most important thing I've learned as a firefighter is - be prepared for anything."

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Senior Station Officer
Paul Elso
Commenced his career in 2001

"Do as much preparation as you can. Learn as much as you can."

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Operations Officer
Chris Bigham
Commenced his career in 1994

"Don't get down if you don't succeed the first time. Keep having a go and you'll get there in the end."

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Operations Manager & Regional Commander
Graeme Armstrong
Commenced his career in 1985

"Once you get into CFA there are so many career opportunities."

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We're looking to recruit people who are community-minded, fit and want a challenging, rewarding and exciting career. Our career firefighters work closely with local communities while also supporting our volunteer firefighters. The mission of all CFA members is to 'protect lives and property'. So if you'd like to make a real career move that involves real community interaction and real local results, we'd love to hear from you.

Online applications for Career Firefighting opportunities

Applications for Career Firefighter opportunities are now closed until further notice.

Please read all application materials/guides provided on the career firefighting pages before submitting your information.

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Crew of CFA career firefighters

Role of a career firefighter

CFA career firefighters standing in a rowA challenging and rewarding career is offered by CFA, with a high level of job satisfaction and the opportunity to create a safer community.

We are looking for women and men, with diverse backgrounds to serve our multi-cultural community. The positions involve shift work and can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding.

Comprehensive training will be provided in the first few months of your career to provide you with the necessary firefighting and emergency skills - these are not a prerequisite for selection.

CFA are seeking firefighters with personal integrity, community orientation, acceptance of responsibility and enjoy working as part of a team. The work of a CFA firefighter also includes:

  • Fire suppression, prevention and safety
  • Providing a high standard of response to a range of emergency situations including fires and workplace accidents, chemical spills, etc.
  • Training and support of volunteer firefighters
  • Conducting training and education for local businesses, schools and the general community
  • Operating communications equipment
  • Training in the use of fire equipment
  • Checking water supplies and maintenance of firefighting equipment and fire stations
  • Administrative duties

Previous Applicants

Those applicants who have previously attempted the CFA recruitment process can apply for re-entry to the database. If you are re-applying for the role, you will be required to complete the previous applicant section of the online application form. Some exemptions from certain stages of the recruitment process may apply.

Acceptance of previous applicant's will be assessed on new information submitted with the application.

Note: Applicants will be allowed a maximum of three (3) unsuccessful attempts at each stage of the selection process. It is recommended that applicants work on improving their approach for the unsuccessful stage before lodging the next application.

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