Fire preparation meetings
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Fire preparation meetings

Fire Ready Victoria meetingCome along to a local Fire Ready meeting to find out the must-have information for this fire season.

Every season is different so even if you've attended a meeting before, it’s important to attend this one.

Speak to CFA about:

  • How and where bush, grass or scrub fires are likely to start and spread around your local area
  • The most essential decisions you and your family need to make
  • How to stay informed should a fire start and threaten
  • Tips and updates to help you start or review your fire plan

One-hour Fire Ready meetings are a good opportunity to share views and experiences on managing fire risk, and make contacts or pool resources.

Find a meeting near you 

Find meetings in your area

Alternatively, contact your CFA Region headquarters and ask for the Community Education Coordinator. They can advise you of upcoming meetings, workshops and/or events in your local area.

Clubs and community groups

Do you belong to a community group or club? Contact your CFA Region headquarters to arrange a tailored fire safety session for your members.

Other programs to help you prepare for the fire season


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