Fire Safe Kids
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Fire Safe Kids

Making a booking



  • Firefighters help in an emergency

Prep - Grade 2

  • Presentation 1: Get down low and go, go, go
  • Presentation 2: Stop, drop, roll
  • Presentation 3: Simple rules for home fire safety

Grades 3-4

  • Presentation 1: Summer fire awareness
  • Presentation 2: Houses, bushfires and the environment
  • Presentation 3: Identifying fire hazards at home

Grades 5-6

  • Presentation 1: Preparing for summer
  • Presentation 2: Bushfires and the natural environment
  • Presentation 3: Home fire safety

fire safe kids logoWhat is Fire Safe Kids?

Fire Safe Kids is CFA’s flagship education program for primary and pre-primary students. It’s delivered by volunteer or career firefighters who visit your school with an engaging and interactive presentation.

Each lesson is supported by comprehensive guides and lesson plans for teachers, and plenty of giveaways for students.

What will my students learn?


Teachers can select from a range of free presentations (each targeted to a particular year level) to help their students become fire smart from the start. Fire Safe Kids lessons cover a range of topics, such as:

  • How to identify 'hot spots' or fire hazards around the home
  • How to help your family develop a home fire escape plan
  • Basic actions for extinguishing clothing fires and treating burn injuries
  • The science behind fire according to the fire triangle
  • How families and communities get ready for the bushfire season

Each presentation requires one school period and is designed for one class group (about 25-30 students).


Activities at the pre-primary level aim to help children:

  • Understand the need to get out, find a safe place and call for help if there is a fire
  • Be familiar with firefighters and their role in the community

fire safe kids package

Kids with certificates

Flexibility for teachers

Fire Safe Kids is entirely free of charge and provides

  • presentations with strong links to VELS for all levels of primary
  • interactive and engaging activities
  • giveaways for students including pencils, rulers, stickers and certificates
  • pre- and post-visit lesson plans and support materials for teachers
  • up to four sessions per day by a trained presenter

How do I book?

Request a session or call 1800 799 203 (free call). Email for all other enquiries. (Please allow up to five working days for a response.)

Thanks for your feedback. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, we'd love to hear them.

Please provide your comments in the Contact CFA Headquarters feedback form.

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