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Child Protection in CFA

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CFA Children/Young Persons Protection Policy

CFA is actively involved with children and young people in programs such as Junior Volunteer Development Program, Juvenile Fire Awareness Intervention Program (JFAIP), Fire Safe Kids, Fire Safe Youth, Mobile Education Unit, Advance, Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and through public presentations, festivals and CFA family events.

Through the adoption of the CFA Children/Young Persons Protection Policy CFA has implemented a number of safeguards and procedures, to ensure the safety and well-being of children and young people participating in these programs.

The CFA Children/Young Persons Protection Policy aims to ensure a safe environment for all children and young people and to protect them from harm caused by sexual abuse or misconduct, physical abuse, emotional abuse, bullying or neglect whilst in the care of our organisation.

Working with Children Checks

In accordance with the Working with Children Act 2005, all employees and volunteers who have “regular, unsupervised contact with children in child related work” are required to hold a Working with Children Check Card (WWCC).

In CFA this only applies to the Junior Volunteer Development Program and to Brigade Members who hold the position of Junior Leader. All activities for Junior Members (11-15 year olds) are supervised by a minimum of two Junior Leaders.

Brigade Members aged 16 and 17 are still protected by the CFA Children Young Persons Protection Policy, however being in the Senior Brigade is not defined by the legislation as “child related work”, therefore no adult brigade members working alongside 16 and 17 year olds are required to have a WWCC card. 

No other Member of CFA is required to hold a WWCC card, as all activities involving children under 18 years are always conducted under the supervision and direction of parents, guardians or teachers.

For further information parents and guardians of children involved in CFA programs can download a copy of our CFA Children/Young Persons Protection Policy Information Booklet from the links below. 

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