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Step 4 - Translate risk mitigation measures into planning provisions

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Once the risks from bushfire has been evaluated (Step 3) it is necessary for the planning authority to consider appropriate mitigation measures (or bushfire protection measures).

The bushfire protection measures need to respond to the identified risk and could take many forms (e.g. policy direction about avoiding particular locations, implementation of development plans to set out buffers and design responses).

In considering bushfire protection measures it is also necessary to consider the integration with other aspects of the strategic proposal. For example, are there other policies proposed that could potentially undermine or conflict with bushfire protection measures? (e.g. requirement to encourage replanting of vegetation in an area identified as a buffer to the bushfire hazard)

CFA's role 

CFA will collaborate with planning authorities to review the proposed bushfire protection measures (and other aspects of the strategic proposal) in the context of the identified bushfire risk.

CFA will be able to comment on:

  • the effectiveness of any bushfire protection measures proposed to mitigate identified forms of bushfire attack
  • implementation mechanisms (e.g. potential conflict with other proposed controls).

CFA encourages Councils to include advice on the effectiveness of any bushfire protection measures in the Explanatory Report. CFA’s advice should be used to inform the planning authority’s final assessment of the residual risk associated with the proposal.

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