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Step 3 - Analyse and evaluate the risk

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Once the initial screening of risk has been completed (Step 2) it is necessary to analyse and evaluate the risks from bushfire to life (as a priority), property and community infrastructure.

CFA's role 

CFA’s approach will depend on the level of bushfire risk identified:

  • Lower bushfire risk areas - development should be directed to these areas. Limited engagement will be required with CFA during the process
  • Significant bushfire risk areas – development should be carefully considered in these areas where the bushfire risk cannot be avoided. CFA will collaborate closely with the planning authority in these areas to analyse and evaluate the risks.
  • Extreme bushfire risk areas – development in these locations should be avoided. CFA will endeavour to provide advice early in the process that the location should be avoided and explain the bushfire hazard. 

CFA will be able to provide advice in relation to the bushfire hazard to inform the planning authority’s evaluation of risk, specifically:

  • Bushfire hazard and/or risk – on the site (or areas) and in the surrounding landscape
  • Likely bushfire behaviour
  • Likely forms of bushfire attack

For planning scheme amendments, CFA encourages planning authorities to include information on the bushfire hazard in the Explanatory Report. 

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