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Step 2 - Identify the risk from bushfire (screening)

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Once the context has been established (Step 1) there is some additional factual information that can be gathered by a planning authority to identify risks from bushfire.

Planning authorities should review the following information to identify potential bushfire hazards in the locality:

Review of locality and site plans

  • Look out for areas of vegetation, steep topography

Statutory controls that currently apply to the land

  • Bushfire Management Overlay, Bushfire Prone Area mapping
  • Other overlays that may be indicative of significant vegetation or steeper terrain (e.g. Vegetation Protection Overlay, Environmental Significance Overlay, Erosion Management Overlay)

CFA's role 

To identify the level of bushfire risk, CFA encourages planning authorities to use the information above to undertake an initial screening of an application.

CFA can help confirm the planning authority’s initial assessment of the risk and determine which category the proposal falls into:

  • Lower bushfire risk area
  • Significant bushfire risk area; or
  • Extreme bushfire risk area

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