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For Insurance Intermediaries and Owners

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Changes to the Victorian Government's Fire Services Levy 

On 1 July 2013, the Victorian Government introduced a new property-based levy to replace the arrangements of raising funds through insurance companies. Find out more about the new fire levy.

For insurance intermediaries and owners

The following information will remain on our website to assist property Owners and Insurance Intermediaries (Brokers) prepare their final returns in line with Section 80A of the CFA Act 1958.

Please review the explanatory notes (attached below) prior to completing premium returns.

Also please find attached information regarding 'net rating'.

This information should also be reviewed in conjunction with the information provided in this section of the website relating to the “Fire Service Levy”, Country area of Victoria and Postcodes.

Contact details for further information on returns and premiums relating to the CFA & MFB Acts 1958 are available on the Contact List page.

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