Silence is deadly

In the past decade, Victorian firefighters have responded to more than 32,000 residential fires across the state, with 60% of fatal fires starting in people’s bedrooms and living areas.

baby in smoky room

Despite this, a concerning number of Victorians still do not have smoke alarms in their bedrooms and living areas. Did you know that most fatal fires happen in the sleeping hours between 8pm and 8am?

A survey conducted by Victoria’s fire services in 2020 revealed just 16 percent of Victorians have smoke alarms in their bedrooms. And around 44 percent of people do not have a smoke alarm in any living room.

That is why CFA urges all Victorians to install smoke alarms in every living area and bedroom, including in hallways and stairs between floors. This will increase the opportunity that a fire will be detected more quickly and will give your family the best chance of escape.

Smoke alarms should also be interconnected. Interconnection means that the smoke alarms communicate with each other so that if one smoke alarm activates in one room all the smoke alarms activate, making it more likely that everyone will have the best chance of getting out before they are overcome by smoke.

Research tells us that almost all children do not wake to the sound of a smoke alarm. This makes it important that adults in the home can hear them. In modern homes where the parent's bedroom is often in another part of the house, they may not hear the smoke alarm in the children's bedrooms.

Interconnected smoke alarms will provide those precious seconds when you need them most.





Page last updated:  Thursday, 17 June 2021 1:44:19 PM