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Insurance Returns Contacts and Useful Links

Contacts for relevant information about Insurance Contributions in your area:

CFA Business                Email
Ron Fasciani
Manager Accounting Services
03 9262 8221   r.fasciani@cfa.vic.gov.au   
John Pantorno 
Manager Statutory Contributions
03 9665 4275   jpantorno@mfb.vic.gov.au 
Craig Gibson
Statutory Contributions Officer
03 9665 9739   cegibson@mfb.vic.gov.au

For futher information on funding and contributions for MFB, go to their website:

For further information regarding your obligations under the CFA Act 1958, MFB Act 1958, and VSES Act 2005 refer to the following:

  • Victorian Parliament website - www.legislation.vic.gov.au/
    • Click on "Victorian Law Today" for legislation as amended (as opposed to the Victorian Statute Book which is legislation as passed).
    • Navigate to the desired Act or Regulation which are arranged by title.
  • Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) Database website - www.austlii.edu.au

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