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Child Firelighting

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Childhood firelighting causes thousands of dollars worth of property loss each year. As well as the financial cost there is also an emotional and social cost to families who have lost their home through a child setting fire to it.

The Juvenile Fire Awareness and Intervention Program (JFAIP) is aimed at children who have engaged in fire lighting behaviour or are considered to be at risk of this behaviour.

Firefighters, who are trained practitioners, visit the child at home to conduct an initial interview. Then over a number of weeks they visit the child at home to conduct a series of interventions with the aim to educate and promote fire safe behaviour.

The practitioners' partnership with parents helps develop an environment where the child and all family members learn safe, responsible behaviour. Development of the child's trust is crucial. Practitioners focus entirely on fire safety education and reward positive behaviour.

Referrals to the program come from a variety of sources including the child’s parents, the fire brigade, schools, Department of Human Services and the Police. Parents must agree to their child participating in the program prior to it starting.

JFAIP is a joint program with the MFB.

There is no cost to parents / guardians for the program.

For further information about JFAIP, contact your local CFA Region office.

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