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TOPIC - Outdoor Fire Safety

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Lesson 9 - Bushfires and Grassfires

Lesson objective:

  • For students to know what a bushfire and grassfire is and that they are common in Victoria and dangerous.


Bushfires and Grassfires are Dangerous (developed for the Fired Up English resource)

Key messages:

  • When the grass dries out in summer it can easily catch fire.
  • Fire can move really fast in dry grass and bush.
  • There are bushfires and grassfires every year.
  • Some fires are in paddocks on farms. Some fires are in the forest and in National Parks or Reserves.
  • When there are lots of trees and bushes it can be dangerous if it catches fire.
  • Some fires can burn down houses and kill people.
  • Black Saturday was on 7 February 2009. It was a day that had Code Red conditions. 173 people died that day across Victoria in large uncontrollable bushfires.
  • Bushfires and grassfires are very dangerous!

Levels 0-1 teaching tools and activities:

Levels 2-4 teaching tools and activities:

  • Activity 9.2 Discussion cards 1-4 Bushfires and Grassfires
  • Activity 9.3 Watch Bushfire YouTube clips below. Leave the sound turned off and then discuss what students saw such as fire, smoke, firefighters, house on fire, worried people, hot, dry and windy weather.

Churchill Park Fire, Endeavour Hills

Marysville after Black Saturday

  • Activity 9.4 Create a presentation about the bushfire history of Victoria. Students can develop their own presentation about the bushfire history of Victoria and share with the class.