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TOPIC - Outdoor Fire Safety

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Lesson 8 - BBQ and Outdoor Safety

Lesson objectives:

  • For students to know how to use a gas BBQ safely
  • For students to understand the dangers of flammable liquids and gas


BBQ Safety and Gas Safety

Key messages:

  • Before you use a gas BBQ: 
    • check to see if the cylinder is damaged.
    • check the hose to make sure it is not damaged or leaking.
    • spray the hose and regulator connections with soapy water - if soap bubbles appear, you'll know that gas is escaping. This means you'll need to either tighten the connections or replace your hose.
  • Check that your barbecue is clean. Too much fat or residue can catch fire.
  • Using a barbecue indoors is illegal. BBQs are for outside.
  • Store petrol and other flammable liquids out of the sun in a cool area.
  • Anything flammable means it can catch alight and start a fire.

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Levels 2-4 teaching tools and activities: