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TOPIC - Home Fire Safety

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Lesson 3 - Home Fire Dangers

Lesson objectives:

  • For students to understand the dangers of house fires.
  • For students to know how they can prevent home fires.


Kitchen Fire Safety (developed for the Fired Up English resource)

Key messages:

  • Each year there are more than 3,000 house fires in Victoria. That's more than eight per day.
  • On average 20 people die every year in house fires.
  • Over one third of all house fires in Victoria occur in the kitchen.
  • Most can or could have been prevented by doing simple things.

Prevent fires in your home:

  • In the kitchen, you should never leave cooking unattended. Always stay in the kitchen when you are cooking.
  • Keep tea towels and curtains away from cooking because they can catch fire.
  • Make sure that you do not leave candles or incense burning if you are not in the room.
  • Keep clothes you are drying away from your heater; they must be one metre away.
  • Do not plug in too many electrical appliances to a power board because they can overheat and start a fire.
  • Never leave electrical appliances, like computers or phones charging on bedding.

Levels 0-1 teaching tools and activities 

Levels 2-4 teaching tools and activities 

Optional - Interactive Home Fire Safety Checklist