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TOPIC - Outdoor Fire Safety

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Lesson 12 - Preparing Your Property

Lesson objectives:

  • For students to know what they can do to reduce the risk of a house catching fire during a bush or grassfire.


Preparing Your Property for Fire 2018

Background information for teachers:

Key messages:

  • Everyone in Victoria who lives near forest, bush, grassland or coastal scrub needs to prepare their property for bushfire.
  • Keep grass cut to less than 10cm. Fire can ignite and travel quickly through long grass.
  • Keep woodpiles away from the house.
  • Remove flammable items from around your house.
  • Cut back overhanging tree branches and prune shrubs so they do not touch other trees or the house.
  • Keep gutters and roof areas clear of leaf litter.

Levels 0-1 teaching tools and activities:

  • Activity 12.1 Key Words and Images - Preparing Your Property

Levels 2-4 teaching tools and activities:

  • Activity 12.2 Preparing Your Property interactive OR Well-Prepared Property Poster.
    • Use the Preparing Your Property Interactive or Well-Prepared Property poster and talk students through each item.
    • How would they prepare their property?
    • What would they do at home?
  • Activity 12.3 Draw a poster of a well prepared house close to the bush