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Topic - Understanding CFA

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Lesson 1 - Who is CFA (Country Fire Authority)?

NOTE: CFA presenter is optional for this lesson.

Contact the Community Engagement Coordinator at your local CFA District to make a request.

Lesson Objectives:

For students to get to know who CFA (Country Fire Authority) is and what they do.


We Are CFA

Key messages:

  • CFA (Country Fire Authority) is a fire and emergency service.
  • CFA responds to:
    • Bushfires and grassfires
    • Building fires and house fires
    • Car accidents
    • Chemical spills
    • Search and rescue (hikers lost, people trapped)
    • Floods
    • Other emergencies
  • Many CFA firefighters are volunteers. There are more than 50,000 volunteers
  • You can join CFA as a volunteer or career firefighter
  • CFA and other emergency services are there to help people and give safety advice

Levels 0-1 teaching tools and activities:

Levels 2-4 teaching tools and activities: