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Primary School Students

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Our lesson plan materials aim to raise students’ awareness and understanding of home fire safety messages and outline ways in which they can help themselves and their families prepare for the summer fire season.

For Years 1-6

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Lesson Support Resources

Lesson support resources are to be used to support discussion in key topics around home fire and bushfire safety. 

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Primary Level Resources

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Fire Ready Kit (PDF 3MB)

Home Fire Safety (PDF 3.4Mb) 

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S.P.A.R.K - Supporting People with Autism Resource Kit

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SPARK - Template Guide Thumbnail Step by step instructions on how to populate the S.P.A.R.K booklet, outlining image and text requirements.

Note: teachers may also consider completing a booklet for all students as a shared experience.

Template Guide for Teachers - PDF 1.3Mb

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Customisable booklet for children with autism to understand what to do during an emergency evacuation drill at school. To be read in conjunction with the Template Guide for Teachers
  *Note: Please do not preview the books - they need to be downloaded and saved on the computer for them to work properly.

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Fire safety session

Contact your local District Community Education Coordinator at your nearest CFA district headquarters to arrange a session.

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