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Fire safety on balconies

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You can reduce the risk of fires occurring on your balconies by:

  • Keeping balconies clear of rubbish and clutter
  • Keep your air-conditioning unit clear of clothes and other flammable items. Never cover or restrict ventilation of your air-conditioning unit and keep all items at least 50cm away
  • Make sure cigarettes are completely extinguished in ashtrays filled with sand or water. Ashtrays should have a heavy base and high sides

BBQs and gas heaters

CFA recommends that you do not use BBQs or gas heaters on your balcony. Instead make use of outdoor BBQ facilities in your local area. If you insist on using these on your balcony please follow the tips below to ensure your safety and help prevent a building fire:

  • Position BBQs and heaters away form other objects including walls and balustrades. Keep at least 50cm clear from anything that could burn including electrical ignition sources
  • Keep a dry powder fire extinguisher in an accessible position and only use firefighting equipment if you feel safe and confident in doing so
  • Always turn off the gas bottle when not in use
  • Always store gas bottles outside, upright and away from heat sources