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Thank You

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We've been overwhelmed by people’s generosity. As we face the challenges and severity of the 2019/2020 fire season we’re heartened to see that the community is behind us. And that means more than just money to us. Your generous donations allow us to direct help to where it’s most needed. Check out the Donate page to see options to donate and how we’re putting your money to use.

We Thank You

We can't thank each donor individually, but we do thank you. Each donation no matter how big or small helps us to continue our work and to support our people throughout the State. You've all been amazing.

Messages from around the world

Since early January, there has been a constant stream of packages and envelopes being delivered to CFA.

Thousands of cards, letters and messages of support were sent our way, from home and abroad. The gallery below showcases the creative, colourful and heartfelt messages of support we’ve received from around the world.

Victorian Bushfires - Thank You Messages