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Fundraising for CFA

CFA Brigades fundraise to help fund the work of Brigades in the local community. This includes equipping the brigades with trucks and safety equipment as well as funding community programs and initiatives such as information sessions, school programs and work to prepare the community ahead of the fire season.

Fundraising for CFA could take many forms including appeals, collections, raffles or activities such as fundraiser concerts or events. The purpose is to raise funds with the proceeds donated to the CFA and Brigades Trust Fund.

Who can Fundraise?

Individuals, community groups and businesses can raise money for a brigade, group, district, region, or CFA as a whole.

First, you’ll need to get CFA’s authority to fundraise

If you want to run a fundraiser nominating CFA as a recipient, there are conditions and guidelines to help us make sure that all money people give in CFA’s name makes it to the right place. Please read our Fundraising kit for more information.

The Fundraising Kit contains a form which you must fill out and submit to CFApromotions@cfa.vic.gov.au

Your application will be assessed. If you are approved to fundraise on behalf of CFA, you’ll be issued with a Fundraising Authorisation which you can use to identify yourself as a registered fundraiser for the duration of the permit.

Contact Us

For any enquiries about making donations or undertaking fundraising activity, please contact  cfapromotions@cfa.vic.gov.au or call 1800 232 233.

FAQs on Fundraising