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A key responsibility of the CFA Board is to set clear objectives and priorities for the organisation to ensure its future success.

The CFA Strategy 2013-18: Towards Resilience  provides long term objectives to enable our people to plan for the future with confidence.

 CFA Strategy

Download CFA Strategy (PDF 442K)


The Strategy commits CFA to progressing five strategic priorities, which focus us on achieving outcomes that sustain our frontline service delivery while building a new approach to community resilience to fire and emergencies. The priorities outlined strike a balance between meeting our essential service delivery requirements, advancing the organisation to better meet its future challenges while achieving the State Government’s direction for emergency sector reform based on a more collaborative approach to emergency management in Victoria

CFA’s Strategy 2013-18 ‘Towards Resilience’ signals a clear shift in how we understand and enact our role. This requires innovation, working closely with others and being outcome focused.

Together with our emergency service partners, we can support a more resilient Victoria. 

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