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Our Plan

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The 2018-19 CFA Plan contains our key initiatives for the next 12 months, which have been developed to ensure we meet the expectations and requirements from Government, the community and our people.

During 2018-19, we will continue to focus our activities, resources and investments on the six strategic priorities introduced in the 2017-18 CFA Plan. These six strategic priorities will help drive CFA forward, to improve and innovate how we do business and deliver services. Our six priorities are outlined below:

  • Responding to community need
  • Supporting our people
  • Promoting health, safety and wellbeing
  • Building partnerships and collaboration
  • Strengthening our service delivery capability
  • Leading transformational improvements

View the CFA Plan 2018-19 (PDF 408k)

Chief Officer's Priority Projects

In 2017-18, the Chief Officer announced five priority projects, designed to improve the operation of, and support provided to, brigades. During 2018‑19, CFA Regions will continue the Chief Officer’s Priority Projects, continuing the roll out of initiatives across brigades.

The Chief Officer’s Priority Projects will work together to enhance the capability and viability of volunteer brigades.

View the Chief Officer’s Priority Projects (PDF)

Fire Services Statement Package

In 2017-18, the Government announced a $60 million package to support CFA and improve diversity, health and safety, and capability of our members and brigades. CFA will commence implementation of many of these initiatives in 2018-19, building a better culture for CFA brigades through targeting investment.

View the Fire Services Statement Package Initiatives (PDF) 

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