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Our Mission

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Our Vision

CFA is a volunteer and community-based fire and emergency services organisation. Our vision is to work together with communities to keep Victorians safe from fire and other emergencies.

Our Mission

To protect lives and property.

Our Values

As we evolve to remain a modern and progressive emergency services organisation, it's our core values that anchor and guide us. They are practical behaviours that reflect how we all want to be treated.

We put SAFETY first

  We are committed to ensuring the safety of the communities we protect
  We actively pursue zero harm
  We want everyone to get home safe and well
  We have a harmonious workplace
  We encourage discussions on safety matters



We excel through TEAMWORK

  We work together to achieve our mission
  We openly share information & resources and acknowledge each other's strengths
  We work cooperatively in inclusive teams
  We work collaboratively for the benefit of the Victorian community
   We respect and embrace open communication


We are dynamic and ADAPTABLE

  We are dynamic and constantly adapting in response to community need
  We are open to the challenge of a changing environment
  We are proactive and make it happen
  We challenge the status quo and recognise innovators
  We learn from each other and our community


We act with INTEGRITY

  We act with integrity at all times
  We are truthful, open and honest
  We consistently lead by example
  We make transparent and timely decisions
  We speak up if we see something wrong
  We are accountable and will hold one another to account


We RESPECT each other

  We treat everyone fairly and with respect
  We acknowledge each other's ideas, opinions and contribution
  We welcome diversity
  We show empathy and understanding
  We respect the time of our people


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Service Delivery is at the centre of our network of strategies. Service Delivery will drive CFA as we make changes to support local people in solving local problems, all the time keeping the focus on public safety at CFA's core. Every CFA member plays a role in Service Delivery, whether delivering services directly to the community or providing support services to frontline members.

View the Service Delivery Strategy 2015-2020 (pdf 1.3MB)

The Volunteerism Strategy aims to ensure the future capability of community-based volunteer emergency services and recognises the value that our volunteers bring to Victorian communities. The strategy affirms our commitment to ensuring CFA's volunteer-based service is able to embrace and shape the future so that volunteerism will thrive for decades to come.

The People Strategy outlines key initiatives and programs aimed at enhancing our people capability, safety, engagement and sense of direction. Through this strategy, we will position ourselves to meet our service delivery objectives by ensuring we have people with the right capability, skills, knowledge and abilities into the future.

The Asset Strategy sets clear priorities to meet CFA's service delivery objectives based on a more interoperable approach to emergency management in Victoria. Achieving this will ensure that CFA brigades have the assets and infrastructure needed to protect Victorians from the risk of fire and emergencies.


The Finance Strategy outlines key priorities to ensure the long-term sustainability of CFA in fulfilling our legal charter and implementing government policy. Achieving this will see CFA well positioned to deliver public safety outcomes at a price the community can afford.

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