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Our Mission

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Our Vision Icon Our Vision

Victorian communities are prepared for and safe from fire

This is our ultimate end state, and our mission and strategy are how we will deliver on this vision. It reflects our broad reach across the state and our focus on empowering communities to understand and address their fire risk.

Our Mission Icon Our Mission

To protect lives and property

Our mission has been constant for decades.

It drives how our members operate and it underpins all of their work in:

  • fire prevention and preparedness activities
  • responding to fire and other emergencies.

Our Outcomes Framework (Year One)

Strategic Goals Diagram

Goal - 1 icon

Domain 1: Strong relationships to keep Victorians Safe

Goal 1: We put the community at the centre of everything we do so that the community partners with us to actively manage its fire risk.

  • 1.1: The community has confidence in our advice and services.
  • 1.2: The community is educated, engaged and empowered to manage its fire risk.
  • 1.3: The community changes its behaviour to manage their fire risk.

Goal 2 - icon

Domain 2: A responsive and innovative volunteer service

Goal 2: We deliver programs and services that make a positive difference so that the lives and property of the community are protected from fires.

  • 2.1: Fires are prevented.
  • 2.2: Fires are suppressed quickly and effectively.
  • 2.2: Fires are less harmful to the community.
  • 2.4: There are zero fire related fatalities or injuries in the community.

Goal 3 - icon

Domain 3: A high performing volunteer and paid workforce

Goal 3: We provide a great place to volunteer and work so that our volunteer and paid workforce is sustainable and effective.

  • 3.1: Our workplace is safe.
  • 3.2: We have a volunteer and paid workforce that reflects the community it serves.
  • 3.3: We uphold the CFA values and are held accountable for our behaviour.
  • 3.4: Our volunteer and paid workforce is appropriately skilled, resourced and empowered and is continually learning.

Goal 4 - icon

Domain 4: A continuous improvement culture

Goal 4: We are a progressive emergency service so that we are recognised as a leading volunteer-based emergency service.

  • 4.1: Our investment decisions are transparent and achieve the greatest possible impact.
  • 4.2: Our corporate governance arrangements are based on evidence and evaluation to maximise the benefits for our people and our community.
  • 4.3: We collaborate with Fire Rescue Victoria and other service delivery partners to promote interoperability and build stronger relationships that lead to better community outcomes.
  • 4.4: We work with Emergency Management Victoria and other government departments and agencies to support government objectives and emergency management reform.
  • 4.5: Our service delivery and corporate performance is continuously improving.

View the CFA outcomes Framework (Year One) - PDF 201k

The Outcomes Framework explained

CFA has developed the Outcomes Framework (Year One) to guide our organisation to deliver on its Vision of Victorian communities prepared for and safe from fires. The Outcomes Framework outlines our commitment to support and empower our volunteers and deliver high quality services to the community to manage fire risks and create resilient communities. The Outcomes Framework (Year One) also represents the strategic direction of CFA under the new fire services model, where CFA has been restored to a volunteer and community focused organisation.

The Outcomes Framework is part of CFA’s broader strategic direction, which will soon be released in the CFA Strategy 2020-2030.

CFA will report on our performance against our outcomes every quarter. These reports will be made public.

The Outcomes Framework (Year One) uses existing measures and indicators to report on the new outcomes. Given some measures and indicators need to be developed or refined for the new outcomes, some of the new outcomes will not be reported against until Year Two and once the reform has been bedded down.

Legislative Requirements

Section 140 of the Firefighters' Presumptive Rights Compensation and Fire Services Legislation Amendment (Reform) Act 2019 (the Act) requires CFA and FRV to each, by 1 August 2020, prepare and publish an outcomes framework setting out:

  1. outcomes-based fire services performance measures
  2. such other matters as are prescribed by the regulations.

Section 140 of the Act also requires the CFA Chief Officer and the Fire Rescue Commissioner to provide a quarterly update to the Implementation Monitor setting out performance against the measures in the Outcomes Framework, with the first report due by 1 November 2020.

Section 141 of the Act requires the Implementation Monitor to prepare a quarterly report setting out the agencies' quarterly updates, the supporting data relied on and any other information he or she considers relevant (including accuracy of supporting data). The Implementation Monitor must publish the quarterly report within 30 days of receiving the agency’s quarterly update.

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Our Values

As we evolve to remain a modern and progressive emergency services organisation, it's our core values that anchor and guide us. They are practical behaviours that reflect how we all want to be treated.

We put SAFETY first

  We are committed to ensuring the safety of the communities we protect
  We actively pursue zero harm
  We want everyone to get home safe and well
  We have a harmonious workplace
  We encourage discussions on safety matters

We excel through TEAMWORK

  We work together to achieve our mission
  We openly share information & resources and acknowledge each other's strengths
  We work cooperatively in inclusive teams
  We work collaboratively for the benefit of the Victorian community
   We respect and embrace open communication

We are dynamic and ADAPTABLE

  We are dynamic and constantly adapting in response to community need
  We are open to the challenge of a changing environment
  We are proactive and make it happen
  We challenge the status quo and recognise innovators
  We learn from each other and our community

We act with INTEGRITY

  We act with integrity at all times
  We are truthful, open and honest
  We consistently lead by example
  We make transparent and timely decisions
  We speak up if we see something wrong
  We are accountable and will hold one another to account

We RESPECT each other

  We treat everyone fairly and with respect
  We acknowledge each other's ideas, opinions and contribution
  We welcome diversity
  We show empathy and understanding
  We respect the time of our people

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