Fire Access Roads

The Fire Access Road Subsidy Scheme (FARSS) is administered by CFA and is a State Government funded subsidy scheme.

Subsidies are available for Municipalities for the construction and maintenance of fire access roads or construction of static water supplies. Funding is provided annually.


Fire access roads should be planned to overcome deficiencies in the permanent road network. They should facilitate a rapid and concentrated response to areas where the application of these two principles will be critical to early containment of an outbreak of fire, and where road access is limited and off road operation of two wheel drive firefighting vehicles would be difficult.

Water Supplies

The provision of additional water supplies may be an important strategic consideration in these areas, where existing water supplies would cause firefighting vehicles to be away from the fire line for an unreasonable length of time to refill.


Applications are considered eligible when they relate to the 'country area of Victoria' prescribed under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 and to 'public land' where access can be gained to an isolated area of settlement.

Municipalities apply for funding through a formal application process following approval by the Municipal Fire Prevention Committee.

Applications are received from Municipalities by CFA and prioritised. Funding is provided to Municipalities on completion of works, after formal inspection and approval by CFA.



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