Total Fire Ban permits
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Total Fire Ban permits

Total fire ban logoPermits valid for days of Total Fire Ban only.

Who can apply for a Total Fire Ban (Section 40) Permit?

  • Individuals
  • Community organisations
  • Charitable organisations
  • Fundraising organisations
  • Statutory corporations
  • Councils
  • Industrial or trade operations

Applications for a Total Fire Ban day permit can only be considered for specified purposes:

  • Carrying out necessary work / business activity
  • Public Entertainment
  • Religious or cultural purposes 

Types of activities requiring a permit:

  • Welding, cutting and/or grinding
  • Heating and spreading of bitumen and like substances
  • Blow lamps or gas torches
  • Safety fuses in blasting operations
  • Emergency flares at civil and military aerodromes
  • Flares at a petroleum fractionation plant, a gas plant or any plant of a like nature
  • Industrial heat testing
  • Bee keeping - using fire for loading, unloading or working with bees
  • Catering - use of fire in the open air (applicant must hold a Temporary Food Premises / Stall permit from the relevant Municipal Health Officer)
  • Fireworks and other uses of fire for public entertainment (applicant must hold a Pryotechnical License)
  • Sawmill waste and refuse burners
  • Use of LPG burners for Hot Air Ballooning (applicant must be a commercial operator).

To apply for a Total Fire Ban permit:

  1. Fill out the Section 40 (TFB) application form (PDF 283k) | Word version (DOC 42k), explaining why it is necessary for you to use fire in the open air on a day of Total Fire Ban.
  2. Return your form, with all sections fully completed, to the local CFA District Office.
  3. If you are applying for a permit to allow you to operate throughout the Country Area of Victoria*, send your form back to CFA Headquarters PO Box 701 Mt Waverly Vic 3149.
  4. Lodge your form with CFA early. Permit management processes and inspections, if required, may take some time. Regular applicants should aim to lodge their forms by September each year.
  5. CFA will notify you of its decision in due course. Permit applications may not be assessed until close to the time the work is to be conducted. This is so the weather and local conditions can be assessed. CFA’s operational activity may also delay permit application processing.

*The Country Area of Victoria may include outer metropolitan Melbourne suburbs but does not include the MFB Fire District, any forest, national park or protected public land. If you are not sure about the location you may need a permit for, please check the boundary on the orange key maps at the front of a Melways or contact CFA Headquarters on (03) 9262 8444.

Formal information you need to know

  • Permits are not automatically granted. CFA may assess your application and determine not to issue a permit
  • If granted, the permit holder must abide by all conditions that are set out in the permit
  • Applicants should be aware that CFA may revoke any permit issued if deemed necessary
  • Applicants should be aware that being granted a permit does not release them from liability or potential prosecution

Forms and guides

Note: ALL fields must be completed in order to be considered for a permit. Failure to comply may result in delays in receiving your permit. 

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