Suitability test
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Suitability test

Check your suitability for a career in Firefighting

The following questions are for your personal consideration and self evaluation.

Note: CFA will not collect or record any of your answers.

1. Do you enjoy working in a team environment?
2. Do you enjoy community involvement?
3. Are you prepared to undergo 19 weeks of comprehensive live-in training?
4. Can you work under adverse circumstances (eg. heat)?
5. Will shift work suit your lifestyle?
6. Can you carry out orders/ instructions?
7. Do you have good communication skills?
8. Are you physically fit and posess endurance and strength?
9. Are you prepared for a comprehensive and competitive
recruitment process?
10. Can you establish and maintain effective work relationships with CFA volunteers and fellow firefighters?
11. Can you cope with confined spaces?
12. Can you cope with heights?
13. Are you prepared to relocate to a CFA integrated Fire station if required?
14. Do you have good situational awareness and can think on
your feet?
15. Are you eligible to gain a Heavy Rigid Drivers License?

If you answered 'Yes' to all questions:

You have relevant qualities that are suitable for a Career Firefighter. Once you have read through the relevant information provided on this site you can determine if you are now ready to apply.

If you answered 'No' to any questions:

There are some requirements of the recruitment process or the role of a career firefighter you will need to explore further before considering a role as a firefighter.

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